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tarot paris, voyance événementiel
Tarot événementiel, voyance événementiel, voyance entreprise, cartomancie événementiel

Who Am I?

The eternal question that everyone ask themselves! The answer often used is what you do, so here I am.


I have been using Tarot for 6 years now as a practical life guide on a daily basis.

Tarot provides my clients and myself with many answers to our questions, as well as precious solutions when you have the feeling of losing sight 

Like a philosophical and spiritual guide, it also allows us to approach a situation from a new angle.

In turn actress, dancer, fashion designer, painter, masseuse, Reiki and acupressure practitioner, I had the chance to do all this by considering my life as a masterpiece in perpetual evolution.

My goal today is to help you connect with this uniqueness that is yours, to materialize your dreams, to unravel pitfalls and limiting beliefs, so that the reins of your life are firmly wedged in your hands ... and yours only.


I work mainly with the Rider Waite Smith Tarot, and its variations. All the cards being illustrated, this allows you to also interact with them.

In physical or online consultations, or even through recorded videos, you can receive your reading infused with kindness, warmth and ... always a little humor!


You can also learn to read the Tarot by my side, on my blog, and on social media.

Feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions!

Yours truly,


Delphyne V.

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