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for an Healthy and framed Tarot Practice

ProfessionAl Secret

Private Life

  • Whether online or in consultation, any data about you and those of your reading is strictly confidential and is not disclosed under any circumstances.

  • No information that does not want to be shared has to be given.

  • Also, out of respect for the privacy of others, my readings concern only the consultant, third parties are not involved.

sincere help

  • Benevolence, respect and trust are the basis of quality listening and advice. My readings aim to explore your options objectively and to understand them in more depth.

  • My role is to inspire you, motivate you, and put the power of your life back into your hands. You remain the supreme master of your decisions.


  • Honesty and humility surround my practice. The result of my readings are the resonance of my knowledge and experience on the subject, not pretending to go beyond.

  • I communicate clearly with you and agree to additional information if necessary.

  • No incentive for consumption: my readings follow your needs.

non Predictive service

In the present, we contain our past and our future.

I am not a medium, do not practice occultism, and will not give you firm predictions: cards revealing future energies form a whole with others, and offer different possibilities and perspectives, to help you create your future, not to endure it.


  • A Tarot reading does not replace a consultation with a health professional, justice, or finance. That's why I don't address topics around health, law and finance.

  • No discrimination. However, you must be over 18 to receive your reading.


  • The Tarot is a neutral tool that does not advocate any ideology, religion, religion, ritual, sect, or political party.

  • Everyone's beliefs and practices are respected, and I commit to using my professional practice as neutrally as the Tarot itself.

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