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3 Cartomancy services for companies

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La Classique

  • Your guests are invited to join me one after the other for a reading of 3 or 4 Tarot cards on the table.

  • Their future is not mentioned and it is only positive that emerges from their draw: it is a message and personalized advice delivered according to the cards that come out of their present, not their future.

  • Good humor, benevolence, and guaranteed boost, for people who often discover this magnificent tool for the first time!

  • Individual Tarot reading on table of 7min

  • Duration: min 3h, max 5h

  • Language: fluent French and English

  • Type of event: any type of event, all year round

  • Geography: Whole of France and Europe

  • Note: a tarot reading often surprises people. Clairvoyance in event is often right, despite the limited time of the draw. This can move and mark the spirits.


La Complète

Classic service containing one or two of the following options:


Opening draw with the person's astrological weather according to their sun sign.

Card offered:

Closure with a free Tarot card:

Advice card depending on the time of year and the situation of the person.

Ideal for the key moments of the year: Christmas, New Year, Valentine's Day, Back to school or end of the school year...


La Deluxe

NOUVEAU  2023 !!


The guest draws 2 cards: one representing him, and an advice card.

His portrait is then made on a digital tablet, making it appear in his official card.

He will leave with his printed portrait, as well as a message and advice depending on his situation.

Tarot cards are archetypes loaded with values and concepts that guide us with their wisdom on a daily basis.

To embody an arcane is to afford the luxury of novelty, challenge, and openness to life and the world.

  • Individual drawing and illustrations on the table, 10min per person

  • Duration of the service: min 3h, max 5h

  • Language: fluent French and English

  • Type of event: any type of event, all year round

  • Geography: Whole of France and Europe

Feel free to contact me for more details!

  • Tirages et illustrations individuels sur table, 10min par personne

  • Durée de la prestation : min 3h, max 5h

  • Langue : Français et Anglais courant

  • Type d'événement : tout type d'événement, toute l'année

  • Géographie : France entière et Europe

voyance événementiel, portraitiste événementiel

Le convive tire 2 cartes: une le représentant, et une carte conseil à incarner.

Son portrait est ensuite réalisé sur tablette digitale, le faisant figurer dans sa carte attitrée.

Il repartira avec son portrait imprimé, ainsi qu'un message et conseil en fonction de sa situation.

Les cartes du Tarot sont des archétypes chargés de valeurs et de concepts qui nous guident par leur sagesse au quotidien:

Incarner un arcane, c'est s'offrir le luxe de nouveauté, de challenge, et d'ouverture sur la vie et le monde.

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